The Shopping Season in Full Swing.

Well... Christmas is comming! Thats what she said. On the news there have been reporters already talking about Christmas. The best new gadgets, how the economy isn't stopping some shoppers, and how the Christmas fund raisers are going to feel the sting of the economy.

But this has nothing to do with what I heard the other day. It was fricken funny coming from a grade sevener.

So people were all talking about what they want for Christmas. I wanna cell phone, I wanna computer, I want something I know my parents won't be able to buy me but I'm going to beg for anyway! 

People were saying things like, " I'm getting you a mirror, Dimey, so you can see how good you always look." ...well, maybe it was more like " Dipshit, I'm getting you a mirror so you can see how full of crap you are."

There were to little seveys (Gr. sevens) came up to me and told me they were getting me a mirror for my locker. Being a dick I said, " Awe, how thought full. Would you like me to get you anything in return?" They thought me getting them something would be delight full.

After the long hard thinking process of 5 seconds, I told them i was going to get them AIDS.

Dumbfounded they burst out laughing and asked if they could re-gift.

Gave me quite the laugh and hopefully gave you a smile

Thanks for reading and Happy shopping!

Uploaded 11/23/2008
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