THE SPICE MUST FLOW: RAY's guide to the Spice Girls Comeback!


Yo my names Ray but you can call me RAY. The Spice Girls have been my thing ever since I was 35 and counting. Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god. Seeing the Spice Girls make their music live at the olmpics felt like a party all over again. It was like watching when your home football team scores the major comeback and wins the olmpics....except this time its for real because the Spice Girls actually did make a comeback at the olympics!!!!!!!!!

Now that the spice girls are making a comeback I figure its time to refresh everyones memory on who they are and what their music is about. Like Teletubbies and the Wiggles, Spice Girls are made for English children, BUT if you know how to analyze properly you can figure out the message no matter where you are or what you come from. Ladies and gentleman I GIVE YOU...

RAYs guide to Spice Girls... EXPLAINED:

Ginger Spice  = Ginger is a spice. Ginger Spice is a Spice Girl named Ginger, so it makes sense.


Baby Spice = They call her baby spice because babys are youthful and she is youthful too, and some guys are into that sort of thing (dont get the wrong idea fellas LOL).


Posh Spice = I dont know what Posh is. I think it is an English word, but I dont know because I am not from england. I think it has something to do with making your lips into a circle shape a lot.


Sporty Spice = She wears tennisshoes and tennis is a sport, so it makes sense.


Scary Spice =  I like her. She dresses like a bag of cheetos. She is an inspiration to african american children in england because she proves you can be a black woman.



Now that Spice Girls are back, we need to do it for real this time. Spice World is not just a dream, it is a reality waiting to happen, a better world for our children if we come together like all the countries at the olympics do to build a bigger future.

Spice out,

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