The story of Eric Bauman. Part 1

Once upon a time in a zoo in New Jersey, there was a monkey. This monkey went by the name of Eric. Eric was no ordinary monkey, He wanted to be heard. He never quite played with the other monkeys, usually he would sit in his cage watching the humans. Eric was very intrigued by the humans, the devices they used and the technologies they founded interested Eric more than anything in the world. One day Eric became power thirsty, when he saw a business man walking by with a laptop in his hand. Eric gazed at the device in amazement. He had never seen anything like it. As his keeper came in the cage to feed the monkeys Eric slipped through the door and ran to the man, stealing his laptop. Overtime Eric began to learn more and more about the laptop and the internet. He lived in a cave from that day on. All he would do all day was go through the intenet and make downloads. His knowledge of the internet became quite vast. Then the day came when he made a website, a website he called Little did he know that the website would soon become very popular.

Years passed and Eric's website became more and more popular. Soon this website turned into a chain of websites. Eric was a very naughty monkey, he began to steal content from other websites, and learned the art of hacking. Little did he know that the worst was yet to come.

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