The Story of White_Chocolate: Not Just A Refrash Button.

White Chocolate is more than just a button, but most noobs today only know him as the refrash button, not knowing the legend behind it.

White Chocolate is a white Canadian wigger, fan of Lil Wayne, and other rappers. He grew up in the coldness of Canada, where he drank milk out of bags, lived in green painted rooms, had to learn French, and never had the opportunity to let his dick grow out as its been hiding from the cold all his life. His dad was a singer turned politician, and his mom was a singer. His favorite outfit is his signature black wife beater.


The legend began 3 years ago, when White Chocolate joined ebaums, and started writing blogs, trolling the comment section, and trolling the chat. In his early days, both me and UCM took him under our wings. We both saw potential in him, plus he kept nagging us. We pretty much shaped him into legendary status in just a few weeks. He went from being the butt of all jokes on ebaums, to being a mod and a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, Pepper got shook and de-moded White. I think Pepper was fearful that White Chocolate grew in strength too fast, cause we all know what a fair mod White was. I mean if banning people because you don't like them or because they don't show tits is unfair, then I don't know the meaning of fair. This is where the whole Pepper v White feud started, along with all the owl stuff, and the Re-mod White campaign.

There is also another side to White that not many people know. White the uploader. White is the man behind some of the most awesome galleries on this site.  Like Farm Animals and Creatures I would not like to meet .

Despite the great success and popularity of his uploads, White Chocolate doesn't upload anymore. That's because he's scared of getting DMCA'd. That means being sued by the original content creator, through Digital Millennium Copyright Act law. I know, what a pussy lol.

Today White is happily married, just to get his parents off his back about the whole gay thing. He is spending most of his time sitting on the computer, making blogs, probably building cock-shaped structures on minecraft, and hanging around live chat. He's living off of his soccer money, back from the days when he wasn't obese and could play for Real Madrid.


So the next time you click "Refrash White_Chocolate", remember the legend behind it.

Uploaded 03/22/2012
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