The stupid history of the human race part II

I have a free moment to post more of these, so here we go. once again, this is not copypasta, I have some books im getting these from. if you want the names of all my books on stupid things people do, tell me and I'll list them all.



A zoo in Memphis, Tenesee refunded admission charges to several visitors to thier special exhibit on dinosaurs after the guests complained that the exhibit included no live dinosaurs.

the oregon department of environmental quality expressed concern that Yamhill county public works employees might choose to eat contaminated dirt. Public works director Bill Gille informe the department that employees must be notified the dirt is not edible.

A farmer in central trinidad alerted police to a man that had stolen goats and a sheep from his property. The man pulled the car over and fled the scene when police gave chase. investigating the car they found that the man had dressed the stolen goats in shirts, pants and hats, and the sheep in a dress...for some reason.

A bank robber was arrrested in Durham, North Carolina, after presenting a teller with a note demanding money and a drawing of a gun. the man was not charged with armed robbery as he did not possess an actual gun.

In clearwater, Flordia, two wildlife poachers recieved severe burns when they tried to knock two birds off a transformer with a metal pole.

a truck driver in Brussels, Belgium, was following his doctors orders when he purchased a bag of nails and after dinner began eating them one at a time. The man's docotr had told him that a diet heavy in iron would increase his sex drive. he was rushed to the hospital after the nails ruptured his stomache.

A farmer from northern argentina couldn't find a seat on the bus, so he climbed on the roof (a common practice in the country). The col proved so unbearable that the man crawled into a coffin strapped to the roof rack. At the next stop another man climbed onto the roof. as he was sitiing there the farmer said from inside the coffin: "Is it cold, sir?" the other man was so frightened he jumped off the bus roof and suffered a broken arm and leg.

a twenty one year old man in a santa rose california courtroom climbe dup on the defense table, jumped over to the court clerks desk, then leapt at the judge's bench. court deputies and two civilians restrained the man and he was charged with resisting arrest, contempt of court, escape, threatening an exective officer, and battery on a police officer. the charges he was originally in court for that day: illegal skateboarding

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