The System

The System (spoken word)From: ChangeDaChannelWords: I live not for myself I must concede
a million miles an hour my my mind exceeds
caculateing the inner workings of the system, 
deleted the conceited, let me list em,
the search for immortality, vanities sanity's, plain and simple, yet complexed,
Our thoughts aren't our own my mind reflexed, letting me know we've been hexed,
even before we were born, our innocents torn, our souls worn to the degree of false evolution, against natures constitution, therefore we struggle to find the solution,
A revolution?
But I quickly grow weak as I start to peek and must conclude and plug the leak to focus on being alive,
breaking from the battle I strive, to focus on the things that drive me in the first place.
Tranquility with the agility to recognize the facility, that surrounds,
That feeling of life that be, like the simplistic being of a tree, the life pulsates from inside you, from inside me.
So excuse me if I get pissed at the rationalizations of the manifested nations that forsakes all creations we cant change the stations while they finish their masturbation's on the world!

Uploaded 12/31/2010
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