The tale of Mr.Mittens continued

The tale of Mr.Mittens (continued) Growing up as a young tom cat in the streets of Abu dabi made me realize what a giant crap hole we live in, with only a nickel in my pocket and some lint in my belly button i was a free man. this reality was untrue however because i am really in a prison somewhere off the island of where lost was filmed. anywho back to the story, i used to live a dangerous life of crime when i was a teenager, stealing gum ball machines and what not. but the sad truth is i did all of this out of frustration towards my astranged uncle Phillip MoDickerson. he was my so called "father" as i grew up in the lower east suburbs in wisconsin (also known as the land of the gays). he often came up with crazy exclamations like he invinted the question mark and often screamed at salt canister to go get a job. he was a very odd man and lived to the ripe old age of 372. in fact he lived much longer than i did, u wanna know how i know that even though im dead? its called... is called... Hot tub time machine. yes. well i got off track again and will start back now. as a teen i worked at a local pizza shop, where we didnt actually sell pizza , we made cardboard cut outs of it and randomly nailed them to bill boards across towns. yes life was good. i made a grand total of 76 cents and hour. it was barely enough to buy me my daily box of macaroni. for i lived in a cardboard box and had no electricity i ate the macaroni raw. it was quiet crunchy and filled will fiber, for dessert i ate my toe nails and went to bed, it was another end to a long self exagerating day. for tommorow, yes tommorow holds more.......... to be continued another day...

Uploaded 07/03/2010
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