The tale of Mr.Mittens continuedII

As an aged old Tom cat i started to realize i smelled like butt cheese and rotted wood, quiet an interesting smell if i can say. i now had a steady line of work of cleaning out outhouses and such along the canadian border. i remember one day i found a lollipop in a outhouse and asked myself, who would throw a perfectly good lollipop in an outhouse. i thought of this for days until i ate it. it was cherry flavor, if i can remember. i dug my tounge past the crap and into the gooey cent of the lollipop, it was quiet good. soo good in fact it made me throw up. so i thought to myself i think ill take another lick and so the process repeated. then i woke up... where am i? and realized that it was all a dream everything was a dream. and then i woke up again realizing i had dreamed about a dream... quiet ironic if i do say so myself. off to another long day of cleaning outhouses in the steaming sun. my sweat mixing with the pewtred concoction of what smell like rotten cabbage and burning hair. i remeber i was soo thirsty one day i drank my own diareaha, if thats how u spell it. hmm... then what did i do... I went to the doctor today and found out i now have Altzeimhers... and wait what... who are these people... hello.. ZzzZzzZzz... !!!BANG!!! i hade awoken from another dream, or so i thought. might as well go along with it... THE END

Uploaded 07/09/2010
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