The Terrorists Are Our Enemies, And Some Liberals Too

I have to respond to Wallboy's blog about KSM. First off, the decision to "prosecute" KSM and his cohorts in civilian court instead of military tribunal has more to do with putting The U.S. (specifically the Bush administration) on trial than it does with "bringing them to justice". Obama has said that this was the decision of Holder and he will not interfere. Of course not, he's already gone on record saying he'd rather look forward instead of at the past. Make no mistake, Obama wants this trial. Trying these men in civilian court where they have miranda rights is complete fallacy. They are NOT citizens. They were captured in the theatre of war. They commited acts of WAR against the U.S. A lot of the evidence we have against them will likely be thrown out. Not to mention, we'll have to compromise identities of intelligence personnel as well as ways and means of collecting intel. They'll probably be convicted but not without damaging both the reputation of the U.S. and our intelligence gathering capabilities.

Now agents are required to mirandize combatants captured in theatre. Obviously, this is so they can be brought to the U.S. and tried in our courts instead of in a military tribunal. This has not worked in the past. Hell, we can't even call it a war on terror anymore. Now it's called "overseas contingency operations". Wouldn't want to offend any terrorist's sensibilities. Make me puke.

Wallboy said we're "pretending he's not in our care and custody while we waterboard him 183 times". Are you kidding? Actually, he was waterboarded five times, not 183. Water was poured on him 183 times but there were only five sessions according to the 2007 Red Cross Report. Some people consider waterboarding torture which would mean any information gleaned would not be admissable in court. I'll leave it to the reader whether or not waterboarding is torture. Pretending he's not in our care and custody??? Why do you think combatants are taken to Gitmo and other U.S. controlled facilities? Under Clinton (when extraordinary rendition started) any combatant who was captured was sent to a foriegn country where he was often tortured (I mean really tortured) and then usually killed. That way Clinton didn't have to get his hands dirty with all the sticky politics.

Obama and the media refuse to acknowledge that the shooter at Ft. Hood was Muslim ("Let's not jump to any conclusions") and had contacted al Queada. I guess that would be admitting that an act of terrorism occured on his watch. Some of you will disagree but I'm convinced it was an act of terrorism.

Obama, through political correctness and "holding to the ideals of this great nation" is weakening our position against terrorism. And it is all to appease the far left of his base. Time will tell if I'm right or wrong.

By the way, the reason we are targets of terrorism has more to do with our relationships with Saudi Arabia and Israel than with our "lifestyle". Unfortunately, our relationships won't be changing any time soon so it looks like we're stuck with this situation.


Uploaded 11/15/2009
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