the tinker

I left the friendly Canadian womans home at daylight. I called to have my car towed as there was no way to free it. Unfortunately, the car had mechanical problems due to the long trip and would take a week, at least, of repairs. I ringed a cab and it came. Deciding to visit Montreal while I waited, a celebration called the side walk sales was going on. Moseying around I found a strange tent all closed, with a lantern though it wasn't yet dark. I entered. A bearded man sat reading. Strange mechanical contraptions littered the inside of the tent. He puffed a pipe, studying a book. I stepped loudly and he looked up. "Good day!" "hello" "What is it you're looking for, eh?" "Just to visit the un-ordinary." "Well, if you're not looking to buy anything then you can just fuck right on off." What a rude man. I ignored him and looked closely at a metallic door. It shined with all sorts of rainbow colors, blue, red, green, they all danced around the metal like it was magic. Why didn't I notice it when I first walked in? He looked up from his book again and smirked. Like a person who set up a prank that's about to spring out. I reached for a delicately crafted bronze knob and the door opened. On the other side wasn't the side of the tent but it looked like, no it couldn't be. I looked back at the man, and he zipped his eyes back to the book. I had to step through it, what kind of mirror trick was this. Before I knew it the door had shut behind me and a muffled voice "That's good to be rid of you damn broke bastard, I told you to fuck off." I tried the handle but it was locked. The doors other side was not metal, nor a door. But the face of a cliff, and I stood not on paved street, but a small platform of said cliff. Vertigo set in and I was too dizzy to stand. I peeped over the edge and miles down were valleys of barren meadows. "You dick! Let me back in!" "Not a chance, now leave me alone to read." "At least tell me where I am, what the fuck is going on?" All I heard was laughter. My car, the beautiful canuk were all gone. I looked side to side trying to find a way up or down and found a very slim goat trail leading up. On the way up I noticed the sun was at peak, but yet it didn't seem as bright. In fact it was almost reddish. At the top I knocked on a small cottage door. The place seemed cozy all surrounded by a short fence and gardens. Answered by a big titted woman. Her hair was blonde and she wore strange but revealing clothes. "Hello please come in." I was so awe struck by her massive mammaries that I didn't argue. "Husband got me another one, eh." She laughed "Where am I?" She giggled. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." I sipped the mug of beer she handed me. "Come to bed. Tomorrow I will explain." Her deep piercing blue eyes seemed to hypnotize me to agree. I suddenly felt tired after the tall mug and laid in a kush bed with big fluffy fur blankets. She poked at a fire and I slept deeper than a newborn.
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