The Trudge!

I've got no real story to tell. Stuck here in an abyss, with no way out known to me.
Somehow, I trusted my intuition and made it this far. I never let fear enter the equation but I must admit I enjoy the flirtation.

Each day the question of life, death, excruciating pain, happiness, sorrow and perhaps one happy visage repeats itself from my predicted morning as shadows intermittently pierce my  last hope for a peaceful sleep. I know what I must do and for I to do it , requires a reward. The reward is immediate for the need is immediate.

I see answers in the swirl of circumstance but the questions are more elusive, because to question is to challenge and to challenge is to confront that which you don't understand or that ,that wishes you do not discover.

Each person is like a grain of sand that gathers on the shore of a meandering river as it makes it's way from a glacier state to the collective ocean of being. Once in a while a grain of sand with the power of the wind, sun and texture of the planet will alter the course of the of the finality,  but we are all destined to gather in a deep blue ocean of never ending permutations and flocculations.

Mankind with all its might can attempt to change or determine the course of destiny. However, mankind must first realize that we are are all flowing into a giant ocean of space. We have no control for we rely on models that are too simple, for they are bits of sand for which we cannot understand.
Uploaded 12/14/2010
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