THE TRUTH, a slippery fish!

Creation, creation, creation! Bare with me a moment while I contain my thoughts. I am not slipping into madness, but must refill my beer mug with cheep wine. AFK...

OK, I'm back! I wrote creation three times above to remind me of a fleeting thought, I have in regards to mankind and truth. It would appear, that truth as beauty, is held in the eye of the beholder. We all accept what we perceive as the truth based on our own experiences and observations. The most prevalent factor however, is our own motivations.

When I look at a government documents or news clippings I try to connect it to my way of thinking. I can then take that same information to someone with a different understanding of the world, and it can support their belief system. 

This may seem ineffectual enough and people left to their own devices get to choose their own conclusions, based on their own needs and observations.

Most people know that 1+1= 2.  However, if we transform those ones into human beings it could be 3 or 4. If we take 1+1 microbes it could become millions within a few hours.

There is little I could do to prove God exists. There is also little I can do to prove he doesn't. I can take the same evidence to prove either possibility.

There is one thing I'm certain of. If man, imagines it, it becomes reality. The Earth is round! The Earth orbits the sun! We can put man on the moon! We can split the atom. Their are more then three dimensions. Whatever man imagines is a possibility, including the existence of God!

Never underestimate the power of man, for we are all part of the God head!

Uploaded 05/16/2010
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