The truth about drugs and drug legalization.

   The thing that all these stoners don't realise is all they do is bitch about weed and how it should be legalized, as if weed is the only drug that is being looked at the wrong way. Yes Marijuana should be legalized but you act as if it is the only drug that the government is wrong about. Your completely wrong though, there are many other drugs that the government looks at the wrong way even methamphetamine!
   Believe it or not the drug you all think of as the psycho redneck drug known as meth, is really not that bad. The truth is crystal meth or street meth is not methamphetamine, the thing that makes meth so dangerous is the way it is made. Street meth is created from heavy metals such as iodine , and other extremely unsafe chemicals such as red phosphorus and even battery acid. The thing that makes meth so dangerous is that when you do it your literally filling your body with these harmful chemicals that destroy your own body. Think about it like this, have you ever noticed people who smoke crystal meth there teeth begin to rot and fall off, that is because of the vapor sticking to there teeth and eroding it. So think about it like this your inhaling something that destroy and breaks down your teeth, and it is going into your lungs and into your bloodstream. Prescription meth otherwise known as desoxyn is pure dextromethamphetamine, it is used in the treatment of ADD and ADHD. I have actually used it before and as long as you stay in the therapeutical dose range it will work wonders, It doesn't even give you a real high more like a very good mental clearity. However this medication is pure meth without the adulterants and is only taken at 5mg three times daily. simply because of it's reputation it is never prescribed though, It is almost impossible to get a prescription to this drug just because of it's reputation because people hear meth and they think of that evil street drug that turns people into fiending psychos, when that is not the case at all.

   Another thing people never consider is the fact that you have no right to tell someone what they can and can't put in there bodies, BECAUSE EVERYONE'S BODY IS DIFFERENT! It's not like everyone who tries heroin will become addicted to it, there's a handful of people who will try it and it won't even get them high. Everyone has a different chemical makeup inside of there minds so you can't predict exactly how a drug will work on them. However for 99% of people heroin is extremely addictive and that is one drug that everyone should stay away from. All this buzz about how substances are addictive is extremely inaccurate as well, I mean look at this video!!!     This woman is addicted to fucking gasoline of all things! If a human can become addicted to something as simple as the scent of gasoline, than we have the potential to get addicted to anything!

    What all this points to is no drug is completely safe, even if it is non addictive, there are people out there with very weak hearts and one hit of marijuana would give them a heart attack. Is that marijuana's fault though? NO, it's the idiot who did it even though he had a weak heart and knew it.  Even LSD is really not that harmful of a drug, It is not addictive, not very physically harmful, even though it can affect your state of mind a lot. Still though LSD is a great drug, the double helix structure of DNA was discovered while on acid, even steve jobs said he wouldn't have came up with many of his ideas if it weren't for acid.

So every drug has the potential to kill atleast one person, but is that the drugs fault? No, it's the idiot who took it. You can't just assume how a drug is going to affect someone because everyone's body is different, Not one person in the entire world has the same chemical make-up in there mind as another, we all have a unique and vast array of neurotransmitters.
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