The Truth About Rules

Whoever first said that rules are meant to be broken was, to say the least, a misguided individual.  A more accurate statement would be that rules will absolutely be broken.  Rules are nothing more than false constructs that exist only in the minds of those who choose to acknowledge them.  They are the fodder of the human mind, and exist in the vacuum of our imaginations.  Rules have no place in reality.  These rules exist in various forms, and while the rules themselves are merely an exercise of the human mind, it is not safe to assume that there are no consequences for our actions. 

If you break a rule that we call a LAW you will potentially suffer a penalty at the hands of others. 

If you go against something called a PRINCIPLE, you violate a preconceived notion of acceptable behavior that one or more people have agreed upon.

But when you do something that takes something away from another individual, yet at the same time benefits yourself, you are likely to be described as lacking MORALS.

MORALITY, like all other bodies of rules, is merely the result of imagination and personal fear of loss manifested into unwarranted behaviors.  People do not want to be hurt.  People do not want to feel loss.  People do not want to suffer.  People do not want to be taken advantage of.  But do any of these things have anything to do with YOU?  Search deeply, and you will find that all your preconceived notions of "good" and "evil" in reality equate to:

GOOD: What everyone else wants you to be, because it benefits themselves and takes away from You.

EVIL: What no one else wants you to be, because it benefits You and hurts them.

In case you haven't noticed.  Your life is yours!

You will never live another person's life for them.

The sooner you realize that you have to power to take without feeling, the more riches and pleasures you will gain and the stronger you will become.  Evaluate the consequences of your actions, and decide if the risk of your actions is worth the reward.  False left over evolutionary emotions, like sympathy, feelings, concern for others, and a conscience, are only WEAKNESSES. 

Let others' labor bear the fruit for you.  You eat it.




Uploaded 06/23/2010
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