The truth behind the bloods and crips

Let me tell you the truth, of how this all came to be, the bloods and crips as they are called were formed contrary to popular believe, for the purpose of advertisement.  This story trully is advertisement gone awry.  It all begins with stan "tookie" williams, former CEO and head honcho of Pepsi cola.  He decided in his pursuit to reach the top of the line number one brand of soft drink, he would form an alliance of people wearing clothing representing the Pepsi brand, (later known as the crips) all of this however became a source of competition.  As the Coke company decided they were not going to allow Pepsi to be the only company with this new and improved form of advertising, they sent people out and organized in great numbers, a large group all wearing red with the coke logo on their clothing.  These two groups drifted further and further away from their affiliating companies, they developed a hatred for eachother, a strong passionate envious hatred.  It seemed neither could live while they other survived.  These groups were never violent, despite popular belief.  The truth of the matter is that they used negative propaganda towards their opposing group in order to bring them down, this eventually led to the exectuion of one "tookie" williams.  However while he was incarcerated, awaiting execution he wrote a seldom heard of book, describing the truth behind all of this Coke vs Pepsi warfare.  I happen to own one of the five existing copies, the others belong to Tupac, MLK, Hugh Grant and Jesse Jackson.  If you read this book, you will realize that no "blood" or "crip," has ever actually done harm to anyone.  They all spread negative propaganda, and blame unsolved crimes they have heard of on members of the opposing "crew."  The simple fact is, we need to stop looking at this as minority violence, or one "set" against another.  The battle being fought is actually led by a bunch of rich, old, fat, white men, just trying to increase the size of their bank account to make up for the size of their manhood.

Uploaded 08/17/2009
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