The truth............

I am about to say something that will not be pleasing to the ear but it is still true. Tonight there have been blogs about the -N- word and when it comes down to it what are we talking about? I say racism and it is for this reason that Obama will not be elected. You see that same liberal guilt that is carrying him will shut him down once you go into that voting booth. White America is tired of the screaming of "I want equality" when you are saying something totally different with your actions. I will be blunt here and say that when White people go into that booth they will think of all the shit they will have to put up with if a black man is elected president Reparations reparations is what we will be thinking about. The real shame of this is that until the black man accepts his equal position in society it will stay the same. I hope you can see this as the truth because I do and I am average America.


I mean this from the bottom of my heart PLEASE all black men and women step forward and be my equal we are trying to get you to take it but you just keep fighting it. Equality starts and finishes with EQUAL rights for ALL not just your race but all races.


Thank you for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/27/2008
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