The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger II

The Legend Torn, a new Empire Born


Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the second season of The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger.  For those who are not familiar with this series, this is a documentary where we venture into the warped minds of the typical ebaumsworld blogger, and find out exactly what makes them tick.  Here, we will delve deep into the life of eBloggers struggling for survival, as they spin a riveting tale of deceit, sex, stupidity, and gay-ishness.  Those who missed the previous season of this series should view my profile to catch up on the previous happenings here in Ebaumsworld BlogTopia.  So come, join me in a grand tour, of Ebaumsworld BlogTopia.


Over the past months, the political unrest within the city capital died down.  White_Chocolate, champion of the Great Thumbs Down War resigned as king of BlogTopia, and settles into a nice home with Platypuss, where they fucking each other in the ass again and again for all eternity.  In fact, theyre fucking as you read this right now.  Just take my word for it.


Meanwhile, theyre servant, wallboy, attempted to overthrow the BlogTopia leaders with his own coupe... but he failed, once again, as he tends to do on a regular basis.  Since then, he has been outcast as a traitor to BlogTopia, and hated by everyone within every region around the world, not just BlogTopia.  In JokeTopia, wallboy is typically seen as the butt of every joke... or at least, his butt is getting fucked in every joke.  And in FeatureTopia, people are making fun of him left and right.  Some people even recently said that the buggy-eyed girl in the caption contest was wallboys mom, while she was preggo with him, and on acid.  Scary Stuff.  Either way, wallboy has since been reduced to a pile of nothingness, and has left Ebaumsworld in a hurry.  Perhaps he'll be back to attempt to overthrow the kingdom soon once again.


Meanwhile, in Greater BlogTopia, the Pooped One appears to have gained strength, and even captured the hearts of many in the blogging section (one of which may even be a particular mod?)  At any rate, its unclear whether or not his intentions are to cause harm, or do good... but fellow BlogTopians are keeping a watching eye on him, weary of his every move. 


On the brighter side of news, a prominent marriage has been celebrated throughout the vast kingdom of BlogTopia.  Lard Infamous, and Tyaeda have tied the holy onion ring in holy matrimony, and have vowed to serve BlogTopia for the greater good, even spawning theyre own multi-part series.  Tyaeda, a hot young cougar from Who-knows-where-ville, and Lard Infamous, a play on words from one who was presumed to be one of the masterminds behind the whole Thumbs Down Fairy Brigade can often be seen having sex behind trash can #34, on Blogging street in the BlogTopia Red Light District.  I dont know how its physically possible for them to have sex, since Lard is basically a smelly heap of jelly-like substance, but its happening nonetheless. 


Perhaps these 2 may rise to become king and Queen of ebaumsworld BlogTopia?  Only time will tell. 


Meanwhile, other prominent figures in the BlogTopia community such as Tomlet, Bohank, The Big Bad, and... some other unimportant people are just as sucky as ever.  Not really worth blogging about.


So, will Lard Infamous and Tyaeda band together to rebuild the BlogTopian empire?  Will wallboy seek outside help to come and destroy it?  Will this pain on the bottom of my foot ever go away?  Where the hell have I been for the past 6 months?


Find out next time on, The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger II ~ The Legend Torn, a New Empire Born!

Uploaded 10/28/2009
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