The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger II

The Legend Torn, an Empire Born:  Part 2

Welcome back, to another exciting edition of The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger II:  The Legend Torn, and Empire Born--an amazing documentary where we venture into the community of the ebaumsworld bloggers to find out just what makes them tick.  Here, we witness the struggle, as the denizens of Ebaumsworld Blogtopia struggle to survive against outside oppressive forces.

With wallboy currently stamped out and dispatched by the good citizens of BlogTopia, he is no longer a threat to the community.  And although he has been labeled an anarchist, and found guilty of high treason, he has still been allowed to make his usual posts here... even though they are ignored by the masses anyways.  Suffice it to say, wallboy has become little more than a negligible annoyance at worst.  And it was expected that he will live the rest of his days in lonely solitude, jacking off in front of the computer while looking at Obama and Rush Limbaugh porn.

Meanwhile, Platypuss, the ex-co-queen of ebaumsworld has made her return apparent, and it would seem she now has the capability to overthrow the reigning royalty, Tyaeda, and Lard Infamous.  And with Lard Infamous currently preoccupied with his grand war against his twin cousin (dont ask how thats possible), Lord Infamous, the opportunity for such an event to occur seems all the riper.  Lets not forget, however, that Platypuss is still in mourning at the defeat of her previous lover, str8jcktgurl.  In fact, Platypuss misses str8jcktgurl so much that she cut off wallboys penis (Who knows how she was able to locate something so small) and sewed it onto her own penis.  So now she has a penis on a penis!  Dont know how that will help her get over str8jcktgurls death, but more power to her.

Also, it would appear the Pooped One, once thought to be one of the greatest threats to the land has now been banished from the commenting district of ebaumsworld blogtopia, after it was discovered he was smuggling in some poops to the area, and apparently poop is an illegal substance within the confines of the district.  Although his motives are still unknown, it would seem he is trying to garner the support of local officials, such as the Big Bad One (leader of the 14th anti-thumbs down brigade), Frogbob (security advisor to all that is Froggy), and even Sindicate, a prized general who survived the great thumbs down war.  In the meantime, it would seem the Pooped One intends to lay low while he grows stronger, so that eventually, he may unleash another ruthless attack on the denizens of Ebaumsworld BlogTopia.  And his plan seems to be working--the denizens are none the wiser.

Finally, a new name has shown up around Ebaumsworld BlogTopia:  The Elemental One, volcomelement34.  A nomadic warrior from Gay-ville, he has defeated many outside enemies with his gay-ness.  In fact, during the great thumbs down war, it has been proven that while he was venturing through outside woods just outside of BlogTopia (most likely looking for a gay hippie to fuck him), the Elemental One defeated a small platoon of thumbs down fairies by letting them fuck him in the ass, and giving them the AIDS, which the Elemental one caught from his boyfriend back in Africa.  Fortunately, the elemental one has been exposed to SOOOOO many strands of HIV that he has gained an immunity to the disease.  Thus, his greatest weapon was revealed.  No one knows what his role will be amongst the peoples of ebaumsworld blogtopia... but one thing is known for sure:  this guy is gay as fuck!

Will Platypuss make her official comeback as the neo-ex-co-queen-with 2 penises of Blogtopia?  Will the Pooped One overcome the Mute, which has temporarily silenced him from BlogTopias commenting district?  Will wallboy give in to his desires and just have sex with Rush Limbaugh already?  Will volcomelement34 stop fucking young boys and goats and leave me alone?

Find out next time on, the Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger II:  The Legend Torn, an Empire Born.

Uploaded 11/07/2009
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