The UFC is becoming stagnant and boring.

I have been following the UFC through its adventures, from day one, when all the fights were subject to legal action for having transpired.  I am an avid fan.  I love the sport, however due to the constant disappointment in the recent venues, I have to say that I am not going to spend any more money on this wasted cause.  I have given it multiple chances, I have been hyped up with the big names and the promise of action.  I just watched UFC 149, and swore that I wouldn't pay for it after the outrage of performance by your so called professionals in 148.  This used to be what I looked forward to, with the consistency of fighting and true brawling, in the MMA.  However it is clear to me that most fighters are encouraged to do the least amount possible to get through the fight, and just nip by with a decision from the judges.  I will be bloging about this in every social network.  There is no longer any action.  I am better off watching boxing.  Therefor I will spend my money on other sporting events that stick constantly to their origin.  I know certain things had to change, however your more about the money and less about the cause, and for this I thank you for your years, that have amounted to waste.  I am sure that with the fan base we can do away with the boxing commission and stick to a MMA commission, maybe then I will come back.  I hope this does not fall on deaf eyes, and that someone will take head to this, for now its just like every other sport, when the mission of the MMA world was to specifically stand apart. 
Uploaded 07/22/2012
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