The Ugly Future

What's there to look forward to?

Global Socio-Consciousness increasing in the awareness in horror of itself:
The nation state-hood, large and tumoured; smaller hoods lurking for the kill.
Everything writ into everything, and no recognition of the form.

Cybernetic implants; and doctors selling the opinion that they don’t hurt at all.
Global warming as an irreversible continuation that submerges everything underwater.

Incessant ignoring of human rights. Commissions and inquiries to prevent it, next fight.
Making up the rules, then breaking them to get their way.

Larger super powers, insane with paranoia.
More people, more information, and more to know
with less to show.
Less time to enjoy. Less time to learn, to adapt.
More, and more qualifications to do less and less.
Constant encouragement from the State to be happy; to help fill our lives,
lived with more laughter as it's better for the health,
though there's nothing really to laugh at anymore,
confined in grey cubicle walls.

Slow atrophy.
Artificial happiness in things we don’t need; The endless multiplication of things we don’t need.
…more products we don't need, all infinitely replaceable; just like ourselves.
Fear, and fear, and interchangably impossible.

Tow the party line; tow the party line.
Everything patented, and we all gotta pay;
Paying for air because the oceans are dead.
Patented eyes because someone figure-made a fashionable red.
Less animal, and biotic life upon the planet.
No water that can be drunk, but plenty of drinks.
More accumulated, prescribed garbage for the study where we went wrong.

Space exploration to get off the problems we created,
with the wisdom to solve elsewhere what we export unconsciously anywhere.
History repeating itself.
History repeating itself.
More scientific explanations for the explorations over that which may be exploited;
An intelligentsia to split the hairs of solutions they do not think the rabble can understand.

Creation of new technologies, which require new toxins,
which require new socially conquered people convinced they deserve serfdom,
who will suffer new diseases from work.
More intolerance to those social ills that slow the creation of our new flesh.

Religious friction, even though the messages are all the same.
Lies, and lies.
Giving up on the idealism on the possibility of change.
More wealth to have, though there’s less to be had.
Laundering operations, and their rich elite.
History, repeat and repeat.
Scapegoats, rather than working to fix, or working through blame.
Accusations that the past was backwards, and the future bright,
Amidst the realization that nothing has changed.
New things to kill us. New things to fear.

We've got broadcasts to our senses:
first was food for taste and silk for touch,
travel for smell, radio for hearing, television for sight...
we already have a way of getting inside your mind.

Something new to discriminate against.
More violence, more peace.
More fucking strife in the middle east.
Racial theories, and subliminal prose.
New forms of everything, uglier than the old.

Uploaded 11/19/2008
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