The Wallboy Chronicles Part 2

he knocked on the door. "Ive been shot! Please Help!" screamed wallboy. The door opened quickly and there stood an older man, probably around 65 years old, standing there with a shocked look on his face. "Well goddamn boy! I havent seen shit like this since the Gulf War! Get your ass in here and lets fix you up!" The man walked away to his bathroom and got his medical supplies to try to help Wallboy. "Thank you Platypus, i cant thank you enough!" Wallboy said as he dragged his body across Platypusses home to his kitchen, Then as Platypus came in with a sewing needle, some peroxide and a banana, he realized that this son of a bitch Wallboy didnt take his shoes off when he walked in the house. The blood all over the carpet was not a problem i mean the man did lose a leg thats not his fault. But to drag his fucking dirty sketchers with dirt and dog shit all over the bottom into my fucking house..... "FUCK THAT!!!" Platypus yelled from his living room. "Ive got a plan for that son of a bitch" Platypus thought to himself. "Whats wrong Platypus? I think im dying broski!" Platypus didnt respond to quick but instead thought of how to perfect his plan. He unpealed his banana, and place it right around the corner of the doorway between the kitchen and living room. "Im gonna show this fuckwhore not to fuck with Platypus." he thought to himself. "Hey buddy come on in here, i only sew in my special chair which is located in the living room." Wallboy hopped up and hopped to the living room for he knew time was of the essence if he wanted to live. As he hopped, he hopped right on the banana and went down, smacking his skull against Platypus's hardwood floor. "Next time you come in my motherfucking house, you take your fucking shoes off!!!" Platypus yelled. Wallboy lay unconscious. "Well, some lessons are taught the hard way, i mean when i forgot to take the trash out, my father raped me and you bet your last nickel i never forgot to take the trash out again" Platypus said to the 95 pound unconscious body that lay on his floor. Snapping on his plastic gloves which are often used for picking up his dogs shit, "Doctor Platypus at your service".......................................   Will Wallboy make it out of another sticky situation? What does Platypus have in store for Wallboy? What jackass comments will these 2 poor souls leave? Tune in Tuesday night for part 3 of the 5 part series. And get at me, im no longer..... AVATARLESS!!!! UMMMMM.... I get HIGH !!!!!!
Uploaded 05/17/2009
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