The Wallboy Chronicles Part 3

 Platypus went to work on Wallboys knee. He used his special juice which was composed of elmers glue and his semen. To his surprise Wallboys leg stuck right on. He tossed a bucket of cold water on Wallboy and tossed him some clothes. "Put on the clothes, your still naked and your leg is as good as new, You owe me one" Platypus said to Wallboy. "Your damn right i do. My knee is better then it was before! I cant thank you enough." Wallboy said. He was so thrilled with his new leg he took a jog around Platypuss's house singing cher. "Settle down boy, now onto how your going to pay me back. Tomorrow at 9 i want you to take me out to dinner and treat me like the lady i wish i was." Wallboy looked puzzled at first but then a small smile worked its way over his face. "Your gay Platypus? Well buddy, id love to take you out tomorrow. I am also a homo sexual!" Platypus was overwhelmed with joy and embraced Wallboy in a hug. "I know this fabolous italian restaurant and a wonderful gay bar, i cant wait!" Platypus was so happy he found a man to fulfill his fantasys. "Oh Platypus i can not wait! Let me go home and rest, its been a long night. My mothers at work so i wont have to worry about being shot again. Ill see you tomorrow at 9 shnukums." Platypus gave him another hug and a little slap on the ass. He stood by the doorway and watched his new man walk home. But then, a black car rolled up on Wallboy and 3 negroes hopped out with knives. One tackled wallboy ripping his leg clean off. "HELP!!" Wallboy screamed but before he knew it he was taken into the car. "WALLLBOYYY!!! NOOO!!!" Platypus yelled but the car sped off and all that was left was burnt rubber and wallboys leg. He took wallboys leg in his hand, with revenge on his mind and dropped to his knees. "Why God! Why must you take the ones i love!!!" Platypuss yelled to the sky. Then to his surprise the sky opened up and a bright light took it over. Then a deep voice said, "Because your a homo Platypus. I am God and i hate gay people. I gave you a penis to get married and have children with woman. Not to insert in males anus's. Wallboy is a sad piece of shit forget about him. Now Platypus in order to find happiness in life, you need to become straight. I want you to start by changing your avatar on ebaumsworld. That is the first step to becoming a man. Put your real picture up. Stop living this lie. Goodbye and god bless my son." Platypus sat there on his knees in shock. And as fast as god came, he was gone. "Its time for me to make some changes in my life. Im going to change my avatar and become......a man." Platypus tossed the leg and walked inside, entering his home the first time in years, as a straight man.


What will happen to wallboy!!! Where has he gone!!! Will Platypus find happiness in not being gay!!! Will he finally change his avatar!! Tune in tomorrow for the last episode before the season finale!!!!

Uploaded 05/18/2009
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