The Wallboy Chronicles Part 4

"Ahhhh! Where are you taking me!!! My leg!! Oh the ag-- "Shut the fuck up nigga!" One of the attackers yelled as he smashed his fist into Wallboys mouth. "Oh you done knocked a niggas teeth out, and hes spittin his teeth and blood all over my new mofuckin starburys, the nigga dont even got a wallet or any money!" another attacker stated. "Nigga fuck yo starburys and fuck dis nigga right here, broke ass nigga get out my car! and they tossed Wallyboy out of the car where he rolled 200 feet before his body came to a stop. He had one leg, no teeth and scrapes all ovheer. "Some fuckin day im having now where the fuck am i?? Wallboy wondered while in agony. He mustarded up the strength to lean against a car and ponder his next move. Then all of sudden he heres a door kick up and a middle aged spanish man yells, "Get the fuck off my car holmes!" "I dont have a leg my friend, please call 911 for me" Wallboy pleaded. "Is that my son of a bitch son?" a voice said from in the home and the door opened. It was Wallboys mother "Get back in the house trick, i aint done with you!" the spanish man yelled to Wallboys mother. "Who you callin a trick mofucka? How bout you go fuck yourself and you and ya jail buddies inside could run that train we was planning on my son, hes a homo anyways!" Wallboys mother said as she walked out of the house and down the street lookin fine as hell. "Mommy, Im bleeding --- "I thought i said get the fuck off my car!" the spanish man said as he clotheslined wallboy. Wallboy front flipped smacking his face against the concrete and blacked out. When he woke up, he was stabbed in the shoulder a prison shank, his ass hurt like hell and he was in a dumpster. "Couldnt even lube me up those bastards!" Wallboy said in his typical homosexual voice. Then he heard a loud noise coming toward him. It was the dumpster truck. He stood up in all of the trash and yelled for help. A friendly looking old timer peeked his head out of the window and said, "Look boy i dont want no trouble, just trying to do my job, please step out of the dumpster" "Sir, i need your help, ive been shot, stabbed, raped, and my teeth have been knocked out... I need to get to a hospital right away!" Wallboy yelled to the man. "Well get out of that dumpster and get on in here, i used to be an ambulance driver" the old man said in a thrilled voice. Wallboy hopped out of the dumpster and into the car. "Thank you kind sir i can no--- "Buckle up young man your in for a ride!!!" the old man said as he burned out in the parking lot and took off into the road. "If your wondering why im driving with my head out the window its because you smell like shit son" the old man told wallboy as he sped in and out of traffic at 90 mph. And then they saw flashing blue and red lights in the rearview mirrors. "Fucking pigs, keep quiet son, ill get us out of this" the old man told Wallboy. "Tell the officer the problem, i need help and he could --- "You shut the fuck up and do what i say. If you say a word, i will show you your heart." the old man said as he whipped out his army knife. "Evening officer what seems to be the problem?" the old man said to the cop. "Any reason your driving like a fucking maniac in a dumpster truck?" the cop stated in a less then thrilled tone. "Who are you calling a fucking idiot pig? i fought in 3 wars so that your ass could have a job right now. I will kill you copper, dont let the WW2 part of me get out because i will fuckin kill you just like i did those slanty eyed zipperheads" the old man snapped back at the officer. "Im going to have to ask you both to step out of the car now" the officer replied. They both got out of the car and leaned on the front. "When i say run, you go left ill go right. Ill give you a little push to get going cause you dont have a leg.." the old man whispered to wallboy. "Let me get your license old man" the cop demanded. "Fuckin copper you are. No respect for a veteran!" the old man yelled as he gave the cop his license. As the cop wallked back to his car the old man pushed Wallboy as hard as he could and ran away. "RUN YOUNG MAN RUN!!!" the old man said as he ran. Wallboy tumbled to the floor after being pushed and rolled a couple of yards. The cop then jumped out of the car and fired 2 bullets, each going through the old mans skull. But the old man kept running. "Fuck you cop!!" he yelled. The cop then fired two more shots, both going through the mans chest. But he still kept running, not slowing down a bit. "Fuckin veterans. I gotta get the other guy" Wallboy lay on the floor and the cop jumped right on top of him. "Trying to escape from the law! Get the fuck in my car asshole!" He said as he handcuffed Wallboy and still watched as the old man sprinted off. "I need help! Ive lost alot of blood and am dying!" Wallboy yelled to the cop. "You run from the law, you pay son now get in my fuckin car, your going to the precinct!" the cop yelled back at wallboy. Wallboy was taken off to jail.


 What will happen tomorrow on the season finale of the Wallboy Chronicles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a special thanks to Platypus for putting up her real picture as a man. Or a really ugly girl... whatever he/she prefers. And to Mariano, im not sure but im starting to recieve some requests for a Chronicles of Mariano. Might happen, might not. Only time will tell!!!!

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