The Wallboy Chronicles Part 5. Season Finale.

Due to the loss of blood, Wallboy passed out that night. His dreams were filled with debates, hookah, and Platypus. Oh, how he missed Platypus. He dreamed of them strolling on the beach, spending nights together watching to stars, and the children they would adopt. He When he woke up its was the next day, he was in a jail cell. He rubbed his eyes to clear his view and saw the guards staring at him. "They way your leg looks. if you were a horse youd be euthenized by now" one guard joked. "Oh you dirty, dirty guard!" the other officer said to him. The cops then grasped each other and began kissing against the bars. Now as much as this turned wallboy on, he saw his escape. He could easily grab the key and the gun and hop his way out of this. For once wallboy would have to grow some balls if he wanted to get out of this. To my surprise and all of yours, wallboy began to tip toe to the bars. He grabbed both the cops guns and yelled "Put your hands up!" The cops turned around kind of stunned. "Well way to ruin a moment.... Boy dont do anything stupid" the cop pleaded. "Just let me out now and then get in the cell." Wallboy demanded. The cops listened and did as Wallboy told them. "Now handcuff yourselves together and gimme the keys" Wallboy said as the cops acted on his words. Wallboy hopped as quick as he could to one of the cars. Luckily, at the same time as the time wallboy broke free from jail all other cops were responding to a triple homicide where an old man murdered 3 african americans trying to kidnap him. It was 7:55 pm and wallboy just got to one of the cop cars. He took off, riding slow so that he wouldnt get stopped by any other police. He got back to his home at 8:55pm. His leg was still in the street to his suprise. He grabbed it and hopped to Platypus house and rang the doorbell. Platypus answered and looked puzzled. "I believe we had a date." Wallboy said in a deep voice. "Wallboy your alive. But you were taken by 3 black people, that usually leads to rape and murder..... Wallboy, im sorry but please, go home" Platypus said in a sad voice. As Wallboy went to ask "What was wrong?" Somebody came up behind Platypus. "Wallboy you son of a bitch, why everytime im getn fucked you gotta fuck it up?" It was wallboys mother. "Im sorry Wallboy, but God told me, i needed to be a straight man to find happiness" Platypus pleaded. "Oh, i understand."Wallboy said, getting all choked up as he turned around to head home. "Wallboy, when i get home im fuckin you up you jobless piece of shit. This time im shooting to kill." His mother yelled to him as he walked home. "Lets go back to fuckin Platypus" Platypus shut the door slowly, watching wallboy walk home, reminiscing about the times they had. He then............. shut the door. "The past is the past" he told himself. "Ok mrs. wallboy, prepare to get fucked like never before!"


The Wallboy Chronicles as a helluva time! I think we all had some fun. I frankly had a good time. Hopefully some agree that these stories were a decent read, It was tough to think of shit to write about for 5 blogs about the same jackass. I mean, not even the real wallboy is this interesting so the fake one was even harder to create. Any a special thanks to, of course, God for making us and, how could i forget, what fueled this entire story, MARIJUANA!!!

keep rollin and tokin............

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