The Wallboy Chronicles

The Wallboy Chronicles will be a 5 post story of a man who leads a sick and disturbing life. And no, this is not targeted toward anyone in specific, Im a catholic.


"Get up Wallboy you bitch!" yelled wallboys mother as he lay naked, 37, and still sleeping at 2 in the afternoon. "What did you go to college for you fuckin lump of shit? You took all of those liberal arts and music classes for what? To lay in my house like a limp cock all day. Fuck that. This has been going on for the past 15 years and im sick of it you fukn cockaaroach. I said No kids!!" Wallboy, still half asleep but not asleep enough to not notice his mothers scarface reference, had a rough night sipping from a hookah and talking about Barrack O' Drama. "Mother, you ought tho know that ill be getting le job as a violen analyst and a Willis from Diff'ent Strokes stunt devil rolly soon" His mother seemed less then thrilled. Wallboy still looking at the window pondering his reasons for life and thinking about his decisions from the past and about just how much beauty there is in the world, then heard a shotgun get cocked. "Get the fuck out. Or i will kill you" his mother said softly. "Mother, what  is life without death. I do not support your choice to shoot me, but i respect your right to bear arms. May the constitution and our rights live longer then myself. Id like to th---- BLAST! "I told you wallboy get the fuck out of my house! In the words of Bill " The Too Suave for Lotion" Cosby, I brought ya in this world and ill take ya out" screamed wallboys mother after blasting off his knee with the shotgun. "My fucking leg, oh my god! my fuckin leg! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! His mother cocked the shotgun again. "DONT SHOOT! IM LEAVING!!!!" Wallboy yelled as he picked up wat was left of his leg and crawled out of the house. "And you dont come back boy til you got a job and you cut that damn stupid afro". Those would be the last words wallboy would hear from his mother. Wallboy crawled to his next door neighbors house, leg in hand, still naked and -----------


Tune in for "The Wallboy Chronicles" ep. 2

Uploaded 05/17/2009
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