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 I knew it, I just knew us Democraaaaats have higher testosterone levels than you wimpy skrawney Repubelicans. Here, videy well dr00gs, videy well! (Dont worry, I dont know what the hell it means either, but Im Wallsheep dammit and what I say goes!!!)


I discovered this by googling young mens testosterone because the school keeps records of the naughty words I normally Google.


DURHAAAM, N.C. -- Young men who voted for Republican John McCain or Libertarian candidate Robert Barr in the 2008 presidential election suffered an immediate drop in testosterone when the election results were announced, according to a study by researchers at Duke University and the University of Michigan.

In contrast, men who voted for the winner, Democrat Barack Obama, had stable testosterone levels immediately after the outcome. They remained at zero, as most liberals have no balls and hide behind lawyers and their manwifes, like Bill Clinton does with Hillary.

Female study participants showed no significant change in their testosterone levels before and after the returns came in. That was met with a great big DUH.

"This is a pretty powerful result," said Duke neuroscientist Kevin LaBar. "Voters are physiologically affected by having their candidate win or lose an election." LaBar further evidenced that this is why so many men become homosexuals after attending Duke football games, because its as emasculating as making your own balls into Chicken McNuggets and then feeding them to a transsexual from California.

In a post-election questionnaire, the McCain and Barr backers were feeling significantly more unhappy, submissive, unpleasant and controlled than the Obama voters, who were already brainwashed in the firstplace.

Ha ha, I liked that last bit the best! LADIES, want a real man? Go out with a Democraaaat, we got what you need baaaaby...


In other news

A man that was once President ObAAAAAma's choice to head up the Department of Homefried Chicken has been sent to jail just days before his trial was set to begin on bestiality charges (Guilty! LOL). A Federal Judge has charged Wally Sheep, a former Idaho Public Schools Skinflute Teacher, with licking sealed underpants in an attempt to intimidate witnesses and influence the jury pool in his impending trial for chicken-fucking. This former ObAAAAma cronie was caught by the FBI offering Colonels UnFried to his political supporters in exchange for free time with their poultry. Hey! Haven't we heard this one before? Oh, wait, my court records are sealed nevermind!!!

 I'm Wallsheep. Nipples hard enough to cut glass, penis small enough to screw a Cheerio...


P>S> Dumb fucking cunts need not leave their dumb fucking comments becaaaause they dont know this is all a joke.

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