The War For the Blogs Has Been Won

  Earlier today I read another pointless blog about how Neko supposedly had restarted the blog wars. Anyone who has ever been to a Confederate State has probably heard the saying, the South will rise again. This is similar to Tyaeda thinking anyone gives a shit about her, it aint going to happen. We as a society are no longer influenced by racism. Your tactics will not work here.

 Ty, who hates Mizuka, FAP and Neko,  also advised to not let Rin (a fan of Asian culture) into the quality bloggers group. I see a trend there. Ty is afraid of Asian women. Why anyone on eBaum's World or anywhere else would want anything to do with such a bigoted asshole is beyond me.

Part of me hoped that Ty would accept her invitation back, and become a quality member of the blogging section. I think we can all admit it was genuinely nice and selfless of Neko, to invite her back. Ty played nice for about a day and proceeded to start 1-starring and thumbing all of the Asians she has a problem with.

Tell me again who the problem is here, a racist or a troll? I am so sorry if a young Chinese boy turned you down, and ruined your dreams of leaving Canada Tyaeda, but eBaum's World is hardly a vehicle for your rage and hate. please leave.
Uploaded 08/01/2011
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