the war in Iraq

The Iraqi war. I must admit even being a Canadian, America had some good propaganda going when this war started, hell I was mad at our prim minister at the time because he didn't goto war, looking back you always have 20/20 vision, and it turns out we were right not going to war.  I believed Bush at the time it was right goign to war, mind you I was only like 12, but now being 18 and old enough to actually goto war, I've realized 2 things, I don't want to be a solder, and I wont support any war.  however, going into Iraq to elimiate Saddam Hussain, I'm fine with that, the fact no government offical of any kind, has applgized for the mistaken information and the flat out lying. they never said we were wrong to invade, never admited they had the wrong information, nothing.  I'd feel much better if they admited they were wrong, but no.  and I'm not saying this as a person who hates America, but I feel it would greatly help your wolrld image to have Bush come out and say sorry to Iraqi people for wrongly invading there country. I believe if you did that people would go "oh shit the admited it". and it would be the start to getting a better world image.  Americans are nto dumb, they were lyed to. all we can do now is support the troops in the middle east, and hope the next president cuts through the burocratic red tape and goes into pakistan and eliminates Osama, I've given up on Canadian leaders to do this, we have a weak leadership

Uploaded 07/17/2008
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