The Weekly Phive By Deevo and Letemdangle

Here are mine and Deevo's choices for this week in the weekly five. It is a collection of incredible baroque masterpieces that have proven themselves by the passing of time. If you like them, there may be enough time in your busy eBaum's week to listen to them all.

Let's start with one of my favourites, Handel's Water Music. How wonderful this Baroque music is, so metered, mathematical and liberating! I love listening to Baroque especially when I am formulating and manufacturing an enormous batch of Meth-amphetamine. I find it steadies my hand whilst combining the anhydrous ammonia with the other secret ingredients, lessening the chance of incinerating my lovely wife and wide-eyed little helpers inside my luxurious trailer home.

Deevo proudly asked me to enter this medley of English musical scores. They all have that regal pomposity, that the rest of the world is all too familiar with. Here are samplings from Purcell, Boyce, Avison and Stanley. Names that I am sure are household names in your home town. 

Ahh Mozart! Imagine if Mozart met an electric guitar! Fuck I know eh! Anyhow his last masterpiece, one of my favourites, was Requiem, a tribute commissioned by some scabby riddled count to his syphilis infected dead wife. The perfect score when indulging in sadomasicism. I love the whip's burn at the crescendos! Probably the worlds first Goth tune.

No baroque collection is complete without the most famous of all, the great Vivaldi. After posting this on Youtube it inspired deep emotional feelings. Such as..."Okay, what did you expect when the artist was named "Vivaldi" and the title of the piece "La Notte?" Some song with a lot of techno, electric guitar, and lyrics about boobs? No, you get "this piece of medieval crap music." I don't know why you and others like you come over to this side of YouTube if you're just going to troll. Is it for attention? Something to occupy yourself with while you shuffle through your life of dysfunctionality? I'll never know, but I feel sorry for you"  Or how about this response to the above comment," What sick, twisted thing to say to someone. How sad and empty you are. You need Jesus to give you life". 

Something for the Kids and geeks. A lot of popular game music uses baroque style in their writing. Here's a cool piece from Okage Shadow King.

Well, there you go, the world of baroque from start to present. I hope you enjoyed it.
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