The Wheels on the POS...

Did you have a great 4th of July? I thought I was having one... a holiday weekend with a bang, so to speak. And a slide, and a spin, and a sheriff, etc. ...

Last time I bitched about my piece o' shit car was about a year ago, the day after my engine burst into flames I've probably dumped about $2000 into repairs on that thing since I bought it, so this is the last straw.

The damn thing starts making this weird thumping noise; the front passenger side, like something's wrong with the tire. Two months ago I just spent 300-some dollars on new tires. Thinking it had something to do with the fact I pumped some air into them a few days before, my dad and fuzzy tell me there may be too much pressure in one of them, causing a bubble which makes noise on every rotation.

We let a little air out of a couple of 'em but the damn thumping still persisted. It began to worry me, considering I've got about a 15 minute drive every morning and afternoon, plus the usual errands and gallivanting from here and there, picking up friends to do this, that, and whatnot.

So today I leave work and head over to the nearby mall to pick up this awesome dress (just for my fuzzy for when I pick him up at the airport!), directly down one of the busiest avenues in the city. And of course, as is my luck, the thumping goes totally out of whack. I mean shaking my fucking steering out of whack.

And, at about 45 mph, my FUCKING WHEEL flies right off my car. No flat tire, no engine sputter, just the ENTIRE fucking wheel breaking off and flying down the street while my vehicle slides and sparks down the fucking avenue. Coming to a nice stop right at the intersection, naturally.

So now I'm sitting there like a damn idiot inside a lopsided car looking like someone grabbed it with a crane out of an impound lot and dropped it in the middle of traffic. I don't think the 911 operator thought I was serious since even I thought it hilarious.

At least this one kind young gentleman was hanging out at the intersection there and saw the entire thing. He runs over to sit with me before running for my renegade wheel and bringing it back to rest in my backseat.

He examines the piece of crap and tells me my axle snapped right off - and if I just got new tires put on a couple months ago, surely they'd have noticed it and I should sue.

The cops arrive and are accosted immediately by some random guy out of nowhere. Apparently his Gas&Electric Company truck was "struck" by my runaway wheel and there may be damage...

Me and the tall, handsome stranger watch all this and give each other weird looks - real fuckin' nice of this pot-bellied douchebag to wait for the authorities to arrive to pop up and claim damages. Especially since the witness caught the wheel across the intersection and no one else approached to see if the driver who ground up the street was injured.

After telling the cops all of this, Officer Friendly decided to tell the douche to gtfo. Technically what happened can't be considered an "accident", since no damage to anyone or other property is evident, and this is an unfortunate matter of horrible maintenance work on a horrible piece o' shit car. It's a damn good thing I wasn't on the expressway doing 70, either.

Scary, yes, but at least it was relatively ok afterward. It coulda been so bad, it would have resembled the opening scene from Body Parts:

Awesome movie, btw.
Uploaded 07/06/2012
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