The Wink and the Gun. A Terrorist Threat!


Is this man a terrorist threat? The answer might surprise you. In actuality, he is no threat to anyone, unless you've been brainwashed into thinking, pretending to have a gun in a playful manner is a direct threat.

I was astounded to learn that a 5 year old girl in Pennsylvania was suspended for discussing shooting her bubble gun. Perhaps she was disturbing or interrupting the teacher and has a history of such behaviour? Maybe, that was the real reason behind it, but it could not be considering the follow up. The poor thing was interrogated by the school, police and then psychologically assessed  as a potential terrorist threat.
I like to bring up these stories with my wife who works at a school. Usually, she doesn't want to hear them or want to believe them, which usually ends up with her getting angry or ignoring me. This story was different however, she actually agreed with the schools action, reinforcing it with, "We suspend kids at the high school who pretend to hold a gun. It's considered a direct threat with the police sometimes being called in."

My son reminded me that when he was in kindergarten, about 12 years ago, a fellow student was suspended for giving the teacher a wink and a gun. 

These types of reactions are those of lunatics and I can honestly say I have lost all respect for the teaching profession if it supports these actions. The teachers in most regions have become the most spoiled over compensated and  oppressive bulwarks of liberal fanaticism. 

There can only be one reason for this insanity and that is to change the culture through a kind of shock therapy instead of a slow and natural progression. If people can accept this kind of action over a bubble gun, just imagine how much apathy there will be when they want to take all the real guns. 

Uploaded 01/27/2013
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