the woman personalized

In my 21 years of excistance I have discovered there are basically three different types of females.






Cool girls

The rarest type of woman is the cool one. It's basically a guy in a womans body. She has a good sence of humor, you know, where you don't have to pretend to laugh when she tells a joke. She doesn't hate your friends. She only gets pissed off if you don't help with chores.

Bitchy girls

The most common type of woman, at least once a month even the cool ones are. They are always complaining. You have to go out of your way to make her happy, by showering her with compliments and expensive gifts. Her jokes are sarcastic and mean. On an upside, they always love ruff sex.

Cute girls

Also a very common female personality. These are usually from rich back grounds. These girls spend hours getting ready for your date, but it's not for you, its so she looks good for the cameras. Flowers and staring at stars aren't good enough for these, you have to spend fortunes to make her happy. Like those stupid 3000$ purses. Usually loves those little yappy dogs. Easily depressed. Horrible jokes followed by the high pitched laugh.


and my personal favorite is the bitchy ones, the ones you can play ruff with, and exchange sarcastic jokes with.

If you feel I missed some things, or else I would like to hear what type of female you like-

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