The Woman's Troubles

Being a progressive, modern, intelligent beautiful woman in this world can be challenging, because I have to deal with the abject, unbearable and intolerable chauvinism of the male species day in and day out. Women, though far superior to the male collective, are perpetually undermined and denigrated by that hateful group. 

For example, I am constantly berated with acerbic insults, like the c-word, b-word, and so forth. Such tactlessness, though reprehensible, is not to be unexpected. Men just don't like the thought of a woman standing up against the male domination that has plagued this planet for eons. 

It is time for woman to usurp and supersede the males in an effort to right the wrongs on this planet and to finally set up a programme for sustainable peace, harmony and equality. A world dominated by woman - as is dictated by common sense - would be without war, without hunger and without hate. Women prefer peace and prefer to love rather than detest those around them. 

The first step towards this end goal is the complete and total liberation of women. We are getting there, but not quite. To relieve the shackles of oppression that have held us down for centuries, it is time that woman stop using the term "woman," for it has the evil word "man" in it. Woman must start using the term wopeople. Eventually, that will enter the common American lexicon, and eventually that of the entire world. In addition, it can no longer be "female," it must be "feperson." As long as we have male in our description, we are encouraging our own tacit oppression. 

The brutishness of males have forced many women into engaging in acts they would prefer not to engage in - acts that involve dressing and behaving promiscuously. When women seize control of the societal grip, women will no longer have to behave in such ways - to their joy, it can be imagined. 

In a woman dominated world, we would naturally gravitate to a collectivist mentality, where sister helps sister.

Help us destroy the plight of the woman.

Uploaded 09/16/2010
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