The Wonderful World Of Wadio

I am starring at one of my coworkers through a 3 inch thick piece of glass.  He has a microphone in front of him. 



He uses his microphone like a 12 year old uses a fleshlight-with awkward motions that produce no orgasmic results until an hour & a bottle of lotion has been extinguished.



How does an anarchist survive working at a conservative radio station where Rush Limbaugh is considered a God?  He flips off his co-workers when his co-workers cannot see him.  It could be worse, I could be back over at the Espanol station getting a headache from the Regional Spanish format that I was paid to listen too.



Bitch, bitch, bitch.  That is all I do.  I do have a large arsenal of current event knowledge that I dispense to my friends when we are out and about, making light of 20 dead bodies found in Guadalajara (which is not an easy task).  Oh wait, that is right, I do not have any friends.  I do have my dog, I think she likes me. 


Going back to the guy I am staring at right now.  He is so god-blessed lame.  His monotone voice makes me want to swallow glass without even telling my loved one's goodbye first.  His 3 hour show usually receives less than two calls, yet I am here producing the shit out of this shitball show.  When I say producing I mean playing youtube clips of Newt Gingrich and typing this bitch-blog on EbaumsWorld. 



I wonder whatever happened to Eric Ebaum after he was ran out of his website.  Does anyone know what Eric Ebaum is up to these days?







Uploaded 11/27/2011
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