The world is dying.....


climate change...crashing crisis...wars...disgraced society. The next 20-40 years are going to be a huge upheaval in history. The last few generations have really skrewed things over, because of the convienience of fossil fuels, of vegging out on your couch to numb out the fact that million of people in poverty is dying, and so many other things. Now we, the next generation will have to deal and try to fix.

Ya sure we can say its nothing really important, we see the news continue to get worse but we just shrug it off and get back to our "important lives" So many people who graduate from high school just float along getting minimum wage jobs thinking that theyre life will be granted to them. how does society even run on this? never mind fixing some of the most pressing problems of mankind. People think. ohh, school is stupid and pointless and im just going to graduate, who really cares anyway? people have so much potential and they waste it all, you dont necessarily need to go to university to contribite to society you have to be innovative and productive, yes, we need people to fill those minimum jobs and thats fine i just hate seeing people waste potential, especially in this critical time period.

Ok say fossil fuels run out, so most people think i cant drive my car to work, the store or whatever but fuel means so many more problems. Transport for anything processed or produced will be gone, you see how everything is made in china? well there will be none of that no jet fuel to cross the oceans. synthetic rubber, plastic, cosmetics, etc are all byproducts of potroleum so say good bye to that. almost all the food you eat does not grow around here so they need to be transported. food prices will(and are already) going through the roof. eventually it will not be available. Actually almost everything needs fuel to either be processed or transported, all of our necessities and the things we take for granted. There will be no way to heat your home, run hospital equipment, you wont even be able to get your new contact lenses or basic medication

Climate change is another big issue. the ocean is literally dying. people normally think that its really only about beautiful animals unfortunatly going extinct, but this directly affects us. I learned recently, theres a microorganism that break down tons of CO2. The sharks, that keep populations that eat these microorganisms, under control are less then 20% the carrying capacity of its own population, as humans kill about 3 million sharks a year with all these microorganisms gone, the atmosphere will be holding more CO2 then life can handle. There are so many issues with climate change go watch Al Gores movie to see.

I dont know how well people are informed about world issus today but the economic crash in the US is a big problem. Banks gave out too much money for house mortgagues and suddenly Wall street markets are crashing. The government didnt follow with the 700 billion dollar bail out because people believed that the government stepping in to save huge corporate companies would defeat the purpose of a democracy, as it was their mistake. Now its going to be very hard to get loans to buy a house, to go to school or pretty much anything.

There are so many more problems, possible epidemics of lethal diseases, poverty of different countries, genicide, the growing contention between US and Russia, desensitizing of known wrong and so many many more

We, the new generation of North America have to get out heads out of our asses and start working together to solve some of these problems

Uploaded 10/02/2008
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