The WORST pain- 2

Ok, i know that my blog entitled' The WORST pain' was pretty comprehensive in summing up just about the worst pain imaginable to males.

The other day however i got told a story about a bloke my friend knows who had possibly the worst accident at work ever imagined, i mean most people wouldn't wish this on their worst enemies.

Ok the story is, some guy was working on a building site, specifically on the scaffolding (just in case Americans call it something different here is an example picture).


So anyway, he was working on the scaffolding and he was one story up. Now it was common-place for the workmen to jump off the scaffolding, rather than go down the ladder (they did so by lowering themselves down as far as possible then dropping the further 2 meters or whatever).

On this day however, things did not go to plan. It was brew time (time for a break and a cup of tea) and he downed his tools and jumped from the scaffolding. Now prepare yourselves for the reality of what i'm about to say. He landed on a brush (handle up) left by one of the labourers. Now, he did not land on his leg, or his arm, no no no, that would have been a walk in the park compared to the reality. He did in fact land on his ass.

The brush handle went up his ass a good two feet.

It caused massive internal injuries.

The circumtances of the injury made the whole situation worse. A builder is a pretty 'macho' job, so imagine having your anal virginity taken away in front of your workmates by a broom handle.

Whilst he was on the floor, he couldn't move around for fear of the brush handle damaging any more internal organs. They sawed the handle off, leaving a 10 inch 'wooden tail' and carted him off to hospital.

He eventually, after hours of surgery and a lengthy stay in hospital, made a full (well as full as you ever could get considering what happened to him) recovery.

He did however emigrate 2 weeks after being released from hospital.

Now that is another pain i would NOT like to endure.

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