The WORST pain

So guys, try and think of the worst pain a man and woman can experience.

Women- I'm sure that you are thinking of childbirth.

Men- I'm sure that you are thinking of what i think you're thinking of.

Now this story is aimed principally at men, although women feel free to comment as well.

My brother told me this story, its an old rugby tale.

A bloke went in for a tackle during a game of rugby but landed funny and dislocated his hip. The game had to be stopped and the ambulance had to be called. Once the paramedics had arrived, they prepared to 'pop' his leg back in to place.

What no-one knew however was that during the tackle and the subsequent 'dodgy landing', as his hip dislocated, one of his balls slid up into his body, and into his hip joint.

Take a moment to think about this. Two paramedics preparing to 'pop' his hip back into place, the only thing in its way, was one of his bollocks.

So they prepared him for what they described as a brief pain followed by a sense of relief. And then on thre 1,2,3... 'pop'.

The poor geezer screamed so loud that he tore his vocal chords.

Childbirth? Pah!

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