Theism vs. Atheism: The Great Debate-1.1 Good without God

the question has been, 'can one be good, without god?'                                                                             this has been the central idea behind intolerance towards Atheists for as long as i can remember. i want to take it a step further and pose this idea: Not only are we good without god, (humans) can only be good with out gods. so let the hearsay begin; any theist is less trustworthy than an atheist. let me explain:           if you chose to follow a dogmatic philosophy like Catholicism then you are not to be trusted with anything. for all we know at any time god might speak to you and tell you to kill everyone you meet or have met. stranger things have happened; is it really strange to believe god wants to speak to you? i was devout my entire childhood life. i wanted to know god on a personal level. i truly wanted to be his favorite, or most loved, angel. if s/he revealed herself to me and said an evil doer is trying to hurt my family and, gave me the power to stop it, i would have done so with out question. i was proud of my blind-faith to Yahweh and his son. but then i had to ask myself: why? what could poses a person to commit such heinous acts of violence and hatred? god must have told him to do it, but why? i thought Yahweh was all about love and forgiveness. why do people who believe in him harbor so much hate and resentment towards other people. the answer is simple god never tells us to do anything there are no magical whispers that guide us the is no sunbeam to show us the way. there is just our brain trying to make those connections for us. besides that there is the great, mystical energy. the energy that exist within out brains and hearts. the energy that is so small it barely keeps us alive. it's the spark that gives you inspiration to write a story, it's just strong enough to keep our hearts beating, pumping the red blood cells to the brain that feed it oxygen and nutrients, for a little while. have you ever pondered how fantastic the human body is. it heals itself and breaks it down to keep us alive. life is the most precious resource we have and, we all have the same amount of it. just 1...      without life we are just organic meat sacks with no purpose. our passion is what gives each person purpose. it doesn't come from god. we were all given a perfect brain when we were born. why trust our well-being to anything else? if you trust a fictional creator over your own brain then you should be locked away in a dark room until your body rots back into the dust that created it. for no theist is worthy of trust from a logical perspective. even if you worship the same god how can you be sure that he doesn't already hate you? if you forsake control of your life and well-being to an idea then you are not worthy of a primate brain. a dog's brain...sure but not another human brain. thinking is a gift, knowing how to think is a blessing. problem solving and rationality are human concepts, not gods'. if you want to read Greek mythology and live you life to honor Zeus that's fine. build a temple to worship him...okay, just don't knock on my door and as for a donation. i will never give someone money without knowing what it's use will be. i'll give money to build a church, not to sponsor a mission trip to Africa. having a personal philosophy is fine, conversion to another is pointless. we all know right from wrong. we all know happiness from sorrow. god did not teach us these things, we learned from watching others. three months after being born an infant's brain begins its development. you have been learning about other humans since you have been able to walk.                           in my exile i have had much time for personal revelation. and i realized what humanity's greatest sin really is, selfishness. one could even say it was the 'original sin' the moment you put yourself before others you have committed the greatest sin humanity has ever known. when you focus on yourself you lose sight of all the important things around you like friends and family. i am currently alone in life. no elders to give me guidance, no friends to talk to, no woman to love... i miss my family but right now i must carry my own burdens. i am getting stronger every day simply because, i have chosen my path in life and now must walk it. when i reach the end of it i will be a Man, with a big family, a good job and loads of people i can call friends. that is all i really want out of life and, when i have all i could ever want i'll look up and see a mountain. i'll climb to the top just to find out who else climbed it before me.                                                     if you want to be good without god(s), it's simple. look at yourself in the mirror, then imagine what kind of person you want to be, then start your own path. i have a good example of the man i want to he. he is rich and successful at a fortune 500 company. he has a family and dozens of friends. he has a cool car(jaguar XK8) and he is smart as a whip and twice as fast. that man is my father(truly my biological father). he and my mother made me the kind of person i am. so i know i can get better at EVERYTHING. there is not one thing standing in my way right now so i have the perfect chance to prove myself worthy of his name. i could care less what people say about me. the only words that can hurt me are his.                        so now i ask you, are you good without god? or, do you need that idea to keep you from making mistakes? i have made 1000's of mistakes but i can say with honesty, i have learned from each and every one. i don't throw the blame on others and i don't ask god for guidance. i know what i have done wrong in the past. this revelation will be or great use in the future. god has no power over me, he gave me free will so i am completely on my own and, i wouldn't have it any other way. simply because i don't need him. i can make it on my own. because isn't that the true mark of an adult mind. self-reliance, no fairies or angels to help me. just my own moral code and brain. that's all god gave me why ask for more help when i don't need it.      
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