Theism vs. Atheism: The Great Debate-1.2 Jesus was only a man

call him Ishmael or Joshua or Jesus it really doesn't matter. a man is just a man. a mere mortal. he is truly powerless. if jesus did exist he was unable to stop certain events from happening. he was basically left with two choices, die for the cause or run until you die. there was no peace for jesus. his life was very difficult. no one could take that burden from him. some may have been willing to try. but he knew if his task was to be accomplished he had to be the one to hang from the noose or cross in this case, lest we forget.the cross was and still is an instrument of torture, punishment and, death. if you were a famous musician that was brought back to life would you be happy to learn all your fans hang a picture of your dead body in their rooms and concert halls meant to honor you. every time you go out, some one would approach you and show you their locket they keep on their neck of the tiny picture. let's say you died from electrocution of a stage amp. would you still want to preform knowing you have to be around large speakers and amps.could you even plug your guitar into a small amplifier for practice without the fear of another painful electrocution. sure you were only dead for three minuets but there was a paramedic there on that fateful day you died the first time but now you are around amps and power strips all the time. how long would it take you to get over your fear of death by electrocution? yet christians flaunt their tools of suffering, proudly. i can totally get the idea of Jesus. he was a king and a fisherman. he was worthy of praise but never wanted to rule. his heart set the bar for all the other kings who have ruled after him. they failed miserably compared to the example set by christ. if he was real then he was probably just a man. no one can agree on his appearance. he is always depicted as a tall, light-skinned, blue eyed, Jew... really? i mean c'mon. this can't be believed by a rational person, or can it? either the son of god was a short, brown-eyed, Arab Jew or, Jesus had another genetic donor besides God's and Mary's.
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