There is No God

What self respecting entity would  lay claim to our wretched Earth? Can you imagine the social embarrassment our world would be to God? All the other Gods  would be, "Like dude, WTF is that mess". 

God's teacher would give him a failing grade to be sure. The humiliation his wife would suffer in front of all the other God wives would be galactical. Of course, God is patient, God is good and God is kind, so then all the other Gods would give him a chance to mend his ways.

So God did try he even sent his Son into this depraved project of his, to give his life to save the infected orb. Yes, we do send our sons to fight for causes of good, but they come back dead and the world continues on it's disastrous spin.

But wait, has not Satan sent his angels to corrupt God's now decadent obsession? Oh the humility, to have your last failure now infect your current and absorb it like a sponge into it's pores as though it belongs there. 

Will God now try to prick into every void inside that giant sponge of evil hoping to eradicate Satan's hold? Or will he just crush the entire object, fed up with the whole idea? Will the other God's consult him to take a leave of absence and triptronic to galaxies not yet seen as the planet smoulders away?

Yes, there is no God. No God damned God could suffer the humility of the human experiment. He left us long ago. Will we pick up the pieces so that a God will look upon us as a triumph? Will we reach into our own souls and prick out  the evil that thrives there?  

Of course, we will not. There is no God damned way we can because man now lies dead in the sand fighting an enemy that runs away in the night, when instead he should be fighting the enemy that lies within his own country, his own town, his own house and finally to his own soul.
Uploaded 03/13/2012
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