There Once Was A Man From....

I feel compelled to write another blog. If for no other reason than to help push my last whiny boo hoo life is hard blog to the second page.

My job has kept me in the same office building for eight years. We share it with four other small companies. There is one main bathroom on the first floor. In this entire time I have not seen one bit of graffiti on the bathroom walls. Nothing. Not even the classic 'don't look up here the joke is in your hands' scrawled above a urinal. Oh sure there is the guy who doesn't flush after taking a dump but it isn't the same.

This is way different than my last place of work. It was grocery store. There were some true artists in those stalls. Guys who could draw perfect caricatures of each manager. Wordsmiths that blended in classics with new rhymes. They would fill every inch of the partition and when it got painted it was like a fresh canvas. When management attempted to stop it by using black paint, they would get out their box cutters and etch their masterpieces.

Here are a few I remember....

No matter how much you shake and dance - The last few drops end up in your pants

Here I sit all broken hearted - Tried to shit but only farted

It is no use to stand on your feet - The crabs in this place can jump ten feet

He sat in front of the judge that day and picked his nose with fury - He rolled them boogers into little balls and flicked them at the jury

Please flush twice. Its a long way to the deli.

I thought of more the other day but can't remember them now. Put your favorite in the comments section.


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