Theres some real shit featured on eBaums these days.

Now before you read, dont get me wrong, I love ebaums world and have visited this site for years, but these days, theres some absoloute shit featured on eBaums. Jokes especially are normally bad and some of the pics and galleries that are mean to be funny are quite sad, although videos are there strong point, with vids of 'nut-shots', epic fails or just pain, I always find the videos enjoyable.


Mostly bad jokes featured but if you would care too take a look at the joke section and browse  about  then you'll find theres alot of new, funny jokes that havn't been featured before.


-Pictues & Galleries


Some pics are funny, although some aren't. I find that a pic featured on eBaums is like a 50/50, it could be shit or it could be good.


I find regular galleries like caturday and de-motivs funny although I never really saw the point of real-girls because if you want too see teens looking like sluts go to a fukin porn site. De-Motivs are my personal favorite because I find most of the pics funny, I'll admit theres alot of pics that are shit in de-motivs, but most are good for me. Caturday, I find it funny but not nearly as good as de-motivs.



As I said before, I like the videos featured on eBaums, especially the ones where someone gets taking out or something like that, I also enjoy nut-shots and generally waching people in pain.


Anyone else think some of the stuff featured on eBaums is crap?

Uploaded 06/01/2008
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