They hate Americans

At the risk of sounding un-patriotic, I'd like point out that most of the world hates American's because the combination of free speech, capitalism, democracy, and a legal system that makes it so easy to sue causes Americans to act like they are the center of the universe. Everybody has an opinion. They're a dime a dozen yet each person acts like their opinion is the right one and they try to jam it down your throat or they try to punish others with it. The fact is there is too much information out there to sort through for any one person to be right about everthing. But here's a few of my opinions.

I love America. I love that I can say this shit and I don't have to worry about being awaken tonight with m-16s in my face. I love that I can come from an abusive, lower-class white family in a black city and get a college education and still be more than just a burdon on society or a waste of oxygen. I love that I can vote on who will be making the policies that will effect my life. I love that, if I'm wronged I can seek justice for it.

However, I hate it that when someone says something politically incorrect, a couple of reverend racists can get on TV and call them out about it without themselves being called out. I hate that I can't watch CNN or Fox News without wanting to put my shoe through the TV screen because the newscasters are overly opinionated bullies. I hate that the political scene has become so bipartisan and you have to choose between the lesser of two bad ideas. And I hate that I can't work in customer service anymore because I might snap on some self-centered customer who thinks she can berate me all she wants without me choking the ever-loving shit out of her all the while yelling at the top of my lungs, "The customer is wrong, Bitch!" 

I love America but I fucking hate Americans.

Uploaded 10/25/2009
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