Things Calming Down or is it Just Me?


Is it just me, or are things returning to some sense of normalcy?

The "hate", "die", and "come to the site where the 'cool kids' are" blogs seem to be dying down. 

Maybe people are starting to realize that it's a free world (on the internetz at least).

This place seems to be running fine.  One thing that I've noticed is that the feature that allows you to check the replies to your comments is actually working (actually takes you to the page that your comment is on). The admins are actually fixing site glitches in a timely manor.  New features are being posted at a respectable rate.  The blog section has become more open to the average user, without having to delve into the dramatic, pseudo-intellectual bullshit of some of the previous owners of the blog section.

There seems to be a feeling of peace emerging out of the dust. 

Sure, there are some things lacking from the way it was before, but what are those things I ask you?

I'll tell you what I miss.

Dirtysanchez blogs.  Always good for a laugh.

Lorddread's uploads.  He owned this site.

Bohank's bitching..Oh wait, he's still here!

Ugdork's creativity...I know you're still on here dude.

Eastside's cross country blog... I was travelling with you man (with the help of our friend mary).

And...Um....That's it.  Besides these few prized contributors (most of which are still here), I'm not feeling anything else, besides how much this site still kicks ass.

Take my advice.  Post what you want.  Blog about what you want.  Comment what you want.  You'll know how we feel about you and your contributions very quickly (there's no doubt about that).

I'm going to go for a cigar and a cognac right now.

I'll leave you with this.

Regardless what anyone says or writes, this site is about finding out how much of a retard you are, on a scale of 1 to 5...

p.s.  One star ratings don't hurt me 'cuz I know I'm retarded.



Uploaded 02/19/2009
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