Thing's I would like to see before I die

1 Martha Stewart fisted by a gorilla or eliza menelie

2 A Budhist monk smoking a cigarette while fliping the bird

3 Fred phelps attacking Obama, Hillary Clinton and Carot Top in one of his ridicoulus you tube videos

4 Santa Clause beating the shit out of the Easter Bunny then takeing a bite out of a choclate cross.

5 Lance Armstrong shiting himself with explosive diahreah while bike raceing

6  Obama caught cross dressing in hillary Clintons cloathing.

7 Lindsy Lo han cranked out while she accepts an oscar and right before she finishes her heart warming crack head speech she blows chunks all over the podium.

8 A movie called weekend at MJ's which would be the same movie as Weekend at bernies except instead of using a dummy we will use Michael jacksn dead body in a series of slap stick stunts.

9 President obama coming out to greet our nation ina fluffy pimp suit and when one of the reporters ask him a serious economic question he bitch slaps the reporter and goes intoa monolouge about how hes the man and nobody fucks with him and his bitches.

10 Clinton caught in a macys nude eating kfc while he rubs the chicken greas on his tender nipples winking at the 18 year old female clerk.

11 Martha stewart revealing her naked angry genitalia to the world.

12 Arnold shwartznegger in a shakespearian play

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