Things that annoy me at the grocery store

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Time for baking and cooking and umpteen trips to the grocery store.  Just when you get home from getting all those extra specialty things for those one of a kind recipes, you find out you forgot the eggs and milk.  Sigh....

1. Invariably, I always get the shopping cart with the bum wheel that teeters or squeaks and squawls the entire time. Even though I do a “test” push, sometimes these things like to manifest themselves AFTER I put in some groceries. Sigh…

2. Sub-arctic temperatures that make me not even want to finish my grocery shopping because I need to thaw out. Sadly enough, even in the 110+ Texas summer temperatures, I am still forced to take in a velour hoodie inside with me.

3. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. With a cart halfway full of groceries and lines out the wazoo at the registers, sometimes you are forced to run to the potty only to find it smeared, unflushed, and stinkeroozy in there. You’d think with all this access to cleaning supplies and such and being close to the food, people would figure out that it would be nice to have clean restrooms in the grocery store.

4. Produce that stinks, or better yet produce that is wet from those little misters! What is up with that?

5. Long check-out lines while you see other store employees goofing off.

6. Why must I always buy the ONE product in the store that wasn’t put into the computer’s inventory and needs a price check? Sheesh!

7. There is nothing grosser than going to the grocery store and having your feet stick to the floor! Umm, what is that all about?

8. The person in front of me in line that wants to price check everything and have the cashier call back somewhere in the depths of the store to confirm prices are accurate and THEN has about 50 coupons.

9. People (checkers) that start asking you about your grocery items. I’m just here to buy them, not have you ask me all my recipes and life history!

10. The disappearance of your favorite items so that you have to wander the entire store and map everything to find what you’re looking for.

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