Things that dont make sense

if you tell someone you are going to hit them its a warning not a threat... if you something like "somebody gonna get a hurt real bad" thats a threat... but simply stating "Im gonna hit you" is a warning... am i right?

I gave my ex a shirt while we were still going out cuz it matched her eyes perfectly and her hair contrasted it... now a month after we break up she decides she wants to burn it and send the fucking ashes back to me.... wtf... i couldnt care less what she wants to do i want my fuckin shirt back... shes just not....urgh..... i dont care what yo people say about "its illegal to hit girls" or some stupid shit like that cuz "equality" says that men and women are equal and thus i can hit whomever i so chose. next time i see that bitch ima hit 'er... no more then once but hard enough to knock her flat on her candy ass i swear to god.....


i thought i had a good understanding of the word and the emotion it implies... i thought that if you loved someone you were spose to stick by them no matter what unless they did something that made you stop loving them.... that was my creed... if i loved someone i had their back... im starting to think i must be the only person in the world who thinks like that....

thats about the only things that confuse me right now but... shit happens so ill post another one l8er im sure....

Uploaded 09/26/2008
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