Things that grind my gears

That stupid azz wendys commercial. You know the one where she offers a bite of her salad and the chewing heart attack across from her simply states hes a "meatatarian, you know I only eat meat, bacon, beef etc..". This coagulated cumquat apparently is overlooking what he is eating. A hamburger with bread, maybe lettuce, pickle, onion but its not JUST  beef.

Im an avid fan of pace picante sauce but only in the hot flavor. They sell it in three sizes small, small-medium, and medium. The other two flavors, mild and medium they sell in four sizes, the ones stated above and a trendy half gallon size also. Why the hell cant i get a supersized salsa dammit!? While on the topic of food I was looking for a spicy cheese dip and ran across El Terrifico Tamale co.'s white cheese dip which is labeled "mild". So I thought hey maybe i have a chance at finding what i am looking for. So I spend twenty minutes that i will never get back looking for some damn medium or something other than effin mild. Why label something mild when there is no medium or hot? Maybe in hopes of giving someone tumor causing, brain scraping trauma?



Uploaded 09/05/2008
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