Things to look forward to.....

Yesterday I put brakes on the front of my daughter's car 98 Honda Civic and today I am sore as heck. When I do these things now, like work on a car or get in a fight or walk down the street. I must ask the question "after I am done with this do I have enough time to recuperate?". You see its like that for me and guess what??? IT'S COMING FOR YOU !!! Just a thought..

   Once I was young dumb and full of cum. Now I am old bold and full of mold!

When I was young I had to hold my penis down to keep from pissing in my face. Now I have to hold it up to keep from pissing in my shoe's.



As I sit here recuperating from yet another endeavor I know that I can at least watch TV if I could only remember where I put that remote control. You see I would use the buttons on front but I cant see them. (sad but true)


Relax people it is a half joke but it is coming for you. Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/04/2008
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