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While reading a blog earlier today it had me thinking how lucky kids are today. Every time I hear about some young girl with an accidental pregnancy I want to go to her house and smack the hell out of her and the boyfriend. These guys have it all when it comes to birth control and the most important thing they have is information. They dont get their sex education from an uninformed gym teacher or what my dad did, show porn to his teen aged boys on a sheet in the living room with his old 16 mm film. My God what was he and my mother watching on that thing....oh God noooo. I cant tell you how disappointing it was to find out that girls didn't do all that moaning not to mention the whole deep throat thing. I walked into the room with my tool belt and the music and waited for her to ask me "what are you going to do with that" instead I got "are you going to fix the plumbing or what" OK OK I got off topic a little, what I was going to say was the convenience of buying condoms. When I was 16 you had to go to a Bonded gas station and buy your condoms from the guy pumping your gas and on Friday night he sold out fast. Today all you have to do is walk into just about any store and buy them regardless of your age because you had to be 18 back then. So young ladies DON'T GET PREGNANT and young guys THINK WITH YOUR BIG HEAD.

This blog brought to you by fathers from all over the world.


Thanks for reading bohank

Uploaded 08/31/2009
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